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Steel Roof Carports

Metal roof carports are gaining popularity because they are durable and potentially require less maintenance in the long run.

Our painted steel roof carports come in a variety of colors and sizes to meet your needs. Count on 84 Lumber for expert advice and selection when choosing your steel carport kit.

Steel roof carport with steel siding:

  • 6"x6" treated posts
  • 2"x6" treated skirt boards
  • 2"x6" wall girts – 2' o.c.
  • 2"x10" double truss carriers
  • Eave overhangs
  • Roof trusses – 4' o.c.


  • 2"x4" roof purlins – 2' o.c.
  • Ridge vent
  • Painted steel siding & roofing*
  • Painted steel soffit & fascia*
  • Drip edge
  • Hardware & fasteners

Price List:

These are ballpark prices only.  For an exact price please Request a Quote online, or see your local 84 Lumber store associate.  

Download PDF

Sizes available 
(8', 10', or 12' high)

12'X12' 16'X12' 20'X12' 24'X12'
12'X20' 16'X16' 20'X16' 24'X16'
12'X16' 16'X20' 20'X20' 24'X20'
12'X24' 16'X24' 20'X24' 24'X24' 


Request a Quote
*Allow 10 days for delivery of steel components to store. Actual packages and options vary. Images are artist renderings and will vary by design. Due to code restrictions these packages are not available in Florida or California.