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Compost Filter Sock

A Compost Filter Sock from 84 Lumber is comes from a company that is becoming the most recognized sediment control device and is highly recommended by environmental professionals.
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Compost filter sock is a tubular mesh sleeve that contains compost of mulched hardwoods, suitable for storm water filtration applications.  According to the USDA Natural Resources of Conservation Service, soil erosion, sedimentation, and surface water turbidity are increased by soil disturbance from urbanization and agricultural development. These human activities are the leading contributors to sedimentation in our Nation’s waters.

Compost Filter Socks can be used in a variety of storm water management applications, with common size offerings depending on the degree of runoff. Typical sizes are identified by diameter and length. Most commonly available in 8-inch (200 mm), 12-inch (300 mm), 18-inch (450 mm), and 24-inch (600 mm) diameters

Applications include:

  • Perimeter sediment control
  • Check dams to reduce erosion and slow velocity of storm water runoff
  • Slope interruption
  • Use on paved or compacted areas where trenching is not possible or is undesirable
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