Diversity at 84 Lumber

84 Lumber Company's Commitment to Diversity

“84 Lumber is committed to continually providing opportunities for all Associates creating an environment where each person is valued and where we can build futures for everyone…one person at a time. We believe in creating an atmosphere of diversity and inclusion that also enhances our customer’s experience and allows them to “build on what we know.” - Maggie Hardy Magerko, President & Owner

84 Lumber Diversity Policy

At 84 Lumber we value Diversity because it demonstrates an ongoing commitment to people and to fair employment practices. We at 84 Lumber believe that Diversity is every 84 associate’s responsibility, from our top leadership team throughout our entire company. We believe that by being inclusive we gain competitive advantage.

The company benefits from the creativity and innovation that results when all 84 Lumber associates who have different experiences, perspectives and cultures work together. We understand and firmly believe that a well-managed, diverse work force expands our marketplace and in return reaps many rewards. Most importantly, by having a diverse and inclusive workforce, we value and understand our diverse and changing customers throughout the country.

Policies & Practices That Support Diversity

  • Electronic job postings 
  • "Up the ladder” opportunities (career paths to promotions) 
  • Harassment-free work environment
  • Open Door Policy
  • Scholarship Assistance Program
  • Open communications
  • Share in company's success
  • Career development opportunities
  • Safe and pleasant work environment

Education and Awareness

At 84 Lumber we spend a considerable amount of time training our associates in their field of work. Additionally, we also spend a lot of time training our associates on diversity. Here are a few examples of the diversity training sessions we offer at 84:

  • Weekly Diversity Training for New Hires
  • Diversity and Awareness sessions for our Managers and Supervisors

84 Lumber is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.